Color Scheme Inspiration – Bridges

Having trouble finding a good color scheme? Color scheme inspirations will aim to fix that! Each post, we’ll pick out a topic and build color schemes out of it to inspire. This round of inspiration is from the architectural sector, with bridges around the world.

Photos are all found on Flickr, and color schemes are all available to download on COLOURlovers.






Walk over any other good bridges that would make great schemes? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Matthew Author Editor

    This is a good idea for a post :).


  2. cam Author Editor

    Pretty cool idea for color combos. Good post


  3. ed Author Editor

    awesome idea! i happen to think the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St. Pete would make for a great scheme. might be able catch a pic of it with a nice sunset to really add some drama


  4. Small business payroll solutions Author Editor

    I truly enjoyed reading it. Waiting for some more great stuff like this from you in the coming days



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