The Fifth Month

The Fifth Month

Hello Internet

It’s been another month. We’re now counting down to the half year mark, and things are exciting as ever. As you’ll see in the report below, this month was the first big bang as far as big referrals went.

Traffic and Stats

We were absolutely ecstatic to see such a huge boost in numbers from last month’s traffic. Even though we had quite a few hours lost from server downtime, we still managed to have growth from March’s reports.

Last month we celebrated breaching 100,000 pageviews for the first time. This month, we were just about 5,500 short of 200,000. As you’ll see in more of our numbers, we were fortunate enough to have doubled more than just pageviews.

April 2009 Month Stats

April 09 by the numbers

Our referral spread has seen some changes since last month as well. Search engine traffic daily continues to be between 500 to 600 on average.

April 2009 Referrals and Traffic Sources

We continue to be a comfortably international blog.

April 2009 Word Traffic

We received visits from 171 different countries, with top traffic coming from the United States, the UK, and Germany.

For those of you keeping track, we’re still waiting on a representative from Greenland to grace our servers with his or her presence. In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed and leave the Western Hemisphere unconquered.

And once again we have a more complete summary available to download for all of those number loving stat junkies out there.

Top Posts and Content

Here’s the top content on Build Internet! during the month of April:

  1. Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery
  2. Supersized – Full Screen Background/Slideshow jQuery Plugin
  3. How to Make a Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery
  4. Light and Shadows – Feathering Gradients in Photoshop
  5. Changing Form Input Styles on Focus with jQuery

Thankfully this month had a top post on Photoshop. My conspiracy theory about jQuery being the only thing worthwhile for traffic has finally started to lose credibility.

Subscribers and Followers

This month Feedburner was kind enough to stay working right on through. We had an almost doubling in subscribers, up from 1300 to just about 2400. Thanks to all of you who have chosen to follow us. If you’re not yet subscribed, we’d greatly appreciate if you took a moment now to do so.

Twitter had more explosive growth. We’re sitting 15 followers short of hitting 1,000 with a total count of 985. Will you be number 1000?

We are now in the top 15K blogs on Technorati. We’re down from about 20K last month to 14,78. Our next milestone could earn us the coveted “Top 10k” badge!

Dollar by Dollar

Not much new to report in the financial department. I will say that our features in Six Revisions and on Digg gave a little bit of a boost to Adsense revenue. Running a campaign? We currently have several open ad placements available at a rate of $40 for about 230K impression on our 125×125 ad blocks.

Lots of Link Love

Our near doubling in traffic this past month was largely due to a variety of big name features.

Six Revisions was kind enough to feature Build Internet! in “30 Fresh and Promising Design Blogs to Follow” and then again in “40 Exceptional jQuery Interface Techniques and Tutorials“. We saw a huge jump in subscribers after the first article, largely due to the mass subscription OPML file offered at the end of the post.

Front Page Digg Material

April was our first experience of being featured on the front page of Digg. It’s an interesting feeling when the site visitor count suddenly jumps up 3000 over the course of a minute and you’re wondering what the hell is going on. For those of you who are wondering what the traffic from that day looked like, Google Analytics had us at about 21,000 pageviews that day. New record!

Server Troubles

I like to think that I’m functional with a lot of things in the tech world. But as I’m coming to find out, I know very little about high level server administration. As some of you may have noticed over the past couple weeks, our server has had several outages.

Without getting terribly technical, it apparently had to do with an overload of processes running that was exceeding our RAM allocations. We’ve gone ahead and upgraded our Media Temple (dv) server from Base to Rage in the hopes that this helps.

Even though things have looked much better since the switch, I apologize in advance if we have downtime in the coming weeks. We’re doing everything we can to fix the issues, and part of that is a certain degree of trial and error.

My First Guest Post

Flex 3 Guest Post on Flashtuts+
This month I was able to publish my very first guest post over on the newly launched FlashTuts+ focused on XML contact lists in Flex 3.

This is something both Sam and I are looking to do a lot more of in the coming months. Finals here in higher education have been a little more than time consuming so we’ve slipped behind slightly in this goal. But with luck the summer months will have much more opportunity. We’re already in talks to collaborate with some great bloggers in the web design niche.

Invitation to Guest Authors

Lately we’ve been receiving quite a few emails about Build Internet’s guest posting policies. We’re flattered that people are actually interesting in contributing to our little space on the internet, and we’re happy for any involvement from people who love the web as much as we do.

Unfortunately for the time being we do not have any budget for paid guest posts. The moment this blog’s income can pay for more than just hosting and coffee is the day that we’ll start giving compensation. So for right now, we’re offering the best value we can through exposure. Guest writers will be able to promote links to their own blog/website as well as have exposure to their share of our average 4-5000 visits per day.

I’ll be putting together a page in the next few weeks to outline this in further detail. If anyone would like to submit something in the meantime, we’re always open to great tutorials, articles, and motivational pieces from the web niche. Pitch us something! We’d love to hear from you.

What’s Up Next?

For starters, Sam has a couple great tutorials in the pipeline. I’ve got some more upgrades for your WordPress theme to share, and we may see a few guest authors make their debuts as well. We’ll also be launching a new giveaway early next week for an application that I’m sure many of you freelancers would love to have.

Have any suggestions or requests? Leave a comment below or shoot us an email. We’ll gladly take either.

Keep on Internet-ing,

Zach & Sam Dunn

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  1. Joël Cox Author Editor

    The only thing to say is the sky is the limit. You guys put an amazing blog out there with some great potential. Keep in going.


  2. Callum Chapman Author Editor

    How do you do it?! Give me some tips!! I’d love to be a guest author on here!

    Callum Chapman’s last blog post..Bubblewrap Textures


  3. Jason Author Editor

    You guys are doing fantastic for being only 5 months old.

    I’m sure you guys are aware of this, but I’ll throw it out there anyways:

    * WordPress is a monster — it’ll eat all the resources it can, you must contain it.
    * Caching is very important, very very very important! Both on the SQL side and server-side of it.
    * Make sure to speak to the browser the right way, and make sure it only requests what it has to — setup ETags, cache headers, etcetera
    * Your content should reach your users pretty fast, right? Yeah, it should. Make sure you are utilizing mod_deflate for Apache.
    * Your web server is the core to performance, you need to choose features & usability or performance. Great alternatives to Apache are NGINX and Lighthttpd
    * Do routine database maintenance to eliminate possible overhead.

    If you need any, any assistance at all with your server please give me a call (contact me at this e-mail address). I’d be more than willing to adjust some settings for optimal performance, for no price :)

    Jason’s last blog post..Windows 7 RC1 (build 7100) 64-bit


  4. NetHall Author Editor

    Greetings from Greece ;)

    NetHall’s last blog post..Kερδίστε cds από την PlayOurMusic!


  5. rohnn Author Editor


    I’ve checked the pdf report, and about the technical profiles… Would you happend to have any more detailed info about, not only browser used but versions as well.
    Would be interrested…

    Still, FF 60% vs IE 10% ! Nice.
    Chrome 6%. Rising ?

    btw… I poped-in yesterday from IE7 on “not mine” computer, and I think I noticed to display issue on the “friend & links” section.


  6. Printing Services Author Editor

    Congratulations! Looks like you are heading in the right track. Not even half a year and doing so well already! Proud, proud, proud! Keep up the good work! And I hope you hit the 200,000 hits this month!



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