More Fonts Used In Logos of Popular Websites

More Fonts Used In Logos of Popular Websites

This is a roundup of that identifies the fonts used in the logos of some of the top sites on the internet.

This is the second addition to Fonts used in Logos of Popular Websites.

With that said, let’s get to know these logos a little better.

(Spoiler Alert)
There is no Times New Roman.

Newgrounds – Tekuteku

VIRB – Proxima Nova Extrabold

Myspace – Arial Rounded Bold

Wikipedia – Hoefler Text

eBay – Univers (Modified)

Pandora – Mrs Eaves Small Caps

Microsoft – Helvetica Black Italic

msnbc – Gotham Medium

IMDb – Impact T

Adobe – Myriad Condensed Bold

9rules – Helvetica Bold

deviantART – Trebuchet

TechCrunch – Frutiger

Ning – Clarendon Bold

Paypal – Verdana Bold Italic

Netflix – Graphique Pro

Zappos – Binary Bold

Reuters – Neo Sans Pro Medium

Tumblr – Bookman Old Style Bold

Pownce – Sauna Bold

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  1. Silver Firefly Author Editor

    Thanks for publishing this list. I’ve bookmarked it.
    .-= Silver Firefly´s last blog ..VizionThree: RT @freelanceshack When and How to Dump a Client|FreelanceShack =-.


  2. Emma Author Editor

    Great list, I’ve often wondered what kind of fonts are used on various websites. Thanks for publishing!

    My blog:


  3. Tinybig Author Editor

    It´s good to see that famous brands don´t need strange and unknown fonts.


  4. Roland Author Editor

    Cool, I never thought that there are some ordinary fonts behind most popular logotypes. I also thought that their logotypes are designed without a font. So cool article :)
    .-= Roland´s last blog ..Inspirational art from Michal Karcz, better known as Karezoid =-.


  5. Melody Author Editor

    It’s interesting to see that some of the more basic, clean, fonts are more popular amongst the big websites…

    It goes to show that the old KISS rule (keep it simple sweetie) still works..
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..Hump Day: Naughty Nursery Rhymes =-.


  6. Richelle Author Editor

    Can’t believe microsofts logo uses helvetica! haha instead of arial. Great collection. thanks. love binary bold font in Zappos logo


  7. SeeThemes Author Editor

    All Site Very Good if use simple font with good design..
    .-= SeeThemes´s last blog ..Night Vision =-.


  8. NinjaCrunch Author Editor

    Great. Interesting. Would probably try out some of the fonts there. :D


    .-= NinjaCrunch´s last blog ..Archeronne WordPress Theme (Portfolio) =-.


  9. bassim Author Editor

    I liked Reuther’s font


  10. Richard Author Editor

    That’s not Frutiger for Tech Crunch, it’s Myriad! Look at the ends of the C’s


  11. Shawn B. Author Editor

    I like these posts, I always have trouble telling some of those sans-serif fonts apart. Keep up the good work!


  12. mark Author Editor

    So simple, cool.


  13. Design Ideas Author Editor

    Nice work! Thanks for info!


  14. Alfons Author Editor

    Nice list! I like the font Pownce used.


  15. 39CentStamp Author Editor

    Great article. Interesting to see how different typical fonts look when they are part of a logo. Who knew that trebuchet (deviantart) could be that cool! :)

    I use MSPaint to choose a font. I type out the name or word and use my scroll wheel on my mouse to quickly run thru every font i have until something jumps out at me. <–freebie tip :)


  16. Ashley Ford Author Editor

    Hi Sam,

    just an update the Official MySpace font is actually ‘Vag Rounded’ and not Arial Rounded as its commonly interpreted as.

    Love the site and great content! Congrats on being included in the Smashing Network!



    • Sam Dunn Author Editor

      @Ashley Ford

      Thanks for comment, but it is indeed Arial Rounded. The Y and C are most notably different between the two.


      • Marketingweb Author Editor

        I completely agree with Sam. In addition to the y and c – check out the a – the two are nothing like each other.

        I personally think that myspace got “caught” using a “non trendy” font and is now trying to claim it’s something else, but not very well. I would strongly suspect it was originally designed “before they were famous” by a tech rather than a designer, who probably spent no more than an hour on the whole thing, just because they needed a logo. Now when they are arguably “past being cool” they are trying hard to disassociate themselves from anything that isn’t cool, right down to the level of a logo font.



  17. Ashley Ford Author Editor

    @sam Im a Creative Developer at in London UK, Vag Rounded and Arial Rounded are very similar but we use Vag rounded for all our MySpace branding. ;)


  18. Jawaad Ahmad Khan Author Editor

    I love how some of the most known ones use such common fonts. (Myspace uses Arial?! Paypal uses Veranda? and Adobe rocks with Myriad?)

    Love it.


  19. PK Author Editor

    Great article Sam, thanks :) Nice to see fonts used in top logos. Now i love clean sans serif fonts in my projects like Diavlo, Antigoni and Oceania
    Aloso important is playing with spacing and bolding.


  20. Bryan G Author Editor

    @Ashley Ford

    Please see:

    See the a (completely different), how far around the c goes, and the tail on the y, as well as analyze the details and it’s pretty conclusive.

    Whether myspace is currently using VAG Rounded in new advertising or not, the logo up on their site right now is 100% Arial Rounded Bold :)


  21. Mark Author Editor

    I was wondering what font they used for the Pownce logo.


  22. Ryan Author Editor

    The font used for Reuters is actually a custom made font used by Thomson Reuters called Knowledge.


  23. DJ Berlin Author Editor

    eBay is the Universfont? Thanks from Berlin!


  24. osvaldo Author Editor

    Where can I find this font you speak of (Knowledge)?


  25. Parker Author Editor

    These fonts are very often used.


  26. Internet filtering Author Editor

    All of the web 2.0 sites now really helps other sites to gather more viewers.


  27. impact of technology Author Editor

    Using more fonts for logos is quite fun and attractive to see.



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