Five Minute Upgrade – Make Your Workstation (More) Ergonomic

If you pile on hour after hour in front of a screen, maybe you should take the time to make sure you’re as comfortable as you could possibly be – which is where ergonomics comes in.

A Discussion on Hourly Rates in Web Design

What’s your hourly rate? In this post we’ll discuss the results of a recent survey, and what it might mean for your own pricing strategy.

What NASA Can Teach You About Web Design

Learn how NASA has used the internet to make their work accessible and understandable to everyone.

A Handful of Fascinating Typography Tidbits

A dive into the interesting world of typography.

The Role of College for Web Designers

A glimpse into the purpose of college for a web designer from a student.

Design Trends of Spa Websites

Take a look at the current trends and successful features of spa website design.

How to Plan a Content Heavy Site

Big projects can get overwhelming in a hurry. Learn some planning tips to keep your next major project under control.

Easy Databasing with SQLite

An introduction to a lightweight and powerful open source database option.

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