Color Scheme Inspiration – Spring

The return of color scheme inspirations with a series of springtime palettes.

Getting Inspiration from Admiration

How having role models for inspiration can make you a better designer.

Color Scheme Inspiration – Giant Thanksgiving Parade Balloons

In honor of Thanksgiving in the United States, we extracted color palettes from giant parade balloons.

Color Scheme Inspiration – Windows

A series of color scheme palettes extracted from photos of windows.

Color Scheme Inspiration – USA National Landmarks

Color palettes inspired by landmarks in the U.S.A.

Color Scheme Inspiration – Fresh from the Bakery

By the end of this color palette inspiration, you’ll be both hungry and inspired.

Color Scheme Inspiration – Suburbia

A trip around the block for some suburban color palettes.

A Collection of Some Pretty Neat Text Artwork

Fresh ways people have made inspirational art based on words pieced together.

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