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The Eleventh Month

Traffic and statistics from Build Internet’s eleventh month in the web niche.

More Fonts Used In Logos of Popular Websites

Identifying fonts for some of the logos of the top sites on the internet. (Spoiler: There is no Times New Roman)

Getting Clients to Embrace Fresh Ideas

It’s not always easy convincing clients to go along with cutting edge ideas. With a little education, communication, and incentivizing you’ll have a much better shot at building something innovative.

Build Site Color Schemes from Photography

Having a hard time choosing a color palette for your website? Here’s how you can take any photograph and make something wonderful.

Using Rounded Corners with CSS3

Rounded corners have been included in the CSS3 specification. Here’s how you can use them today in most modern browsers.

Color Scheme Inspiration – Windows

A series of color scheme palettes extracted from photos of windows.

How to Plan a Content Heavy Site

Big projects can get overwhelming in a hurry. Learn some planning tips to keep your next major project under control.

Easy Databasing with SQLite

An introduction to a lightweight and powerful open source database option.

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