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Color Scheme Inspiration – Caves

We’re digging under the surface of the Earth for this round of color inspiration.

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Animate Image Filling Up Using jQuery

Spruce up your website’s header. Learn how to make an image appear to “fill up” with just a splash of jQuery and Photoshop.

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Quote This Project! – Win a Billings License

You’ve gone through a week of Pricing Bootcamp, and now’s the time to show what you got out of it. For putting your skills to the test, you’ll get a chance at winning a license for the Billings time tracking software.

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How Having Project Boundaries Increases Your Value

In the final day of the Pricing Bootcamp series, we’ll take a look at how setting boundaries on a project can ultimately increase your value as a designer and keep stress at a minimum.

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The Magic of Tiered Pricing

Having a hard time figuring out exactly what to charge a client? Want to appear flexible without working for chump change? Sounds like you and tiered pricing will get along nicely.

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Charging Project Pricing Versus Hourly Rates

So you’ve met with the client, have the design brief in hand, and you’re ready to sit down to start pricing things out. But wait! Before you get knee deep in the numbers there’s still one more decision to be made. How will you structure the pricing? Will it be hourly or a fixed project rate?

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Watch Your Language: Clients & Pricing

Avoid conversations that damage your bottom line with clients. In this exciting sequel of the Pricing Bootcamp series we’ll examine some common pricing conversation and how to discuss it with clients.

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Pricing Bootcamp

  • Jun 15, 2009
  • Comments Off on Pricing Bootcamp

Learn to Price Yourself!
Pricing Bootcamp is for all of you freelance and small business owners in the web niche trying to sort things out. This series focuses on the basics of philosophy and method behind effective pricing. Posts will be added to the list below as they are launched.

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The Articles

  1. Pricing Like You’re Worth It
  2. Watch Your Language: Clients and Pricing
  3. Charging Project Pricing Versus Hourly Rates
  4. The Magic of Tiered Pricing
  5. How Having Project Boundaries Increases Your Value

The Challenge

We’ve launched a challenge for all of those who have read through the series. Quote this project (anonymously) and get a chance at winning Billings 3 time tracking software. This contest is now closed.

The Results

See how fellow web designers chose to quote our mock project in the wrap up post for our mock project.

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