Pricing Bootcamp

Learn to Price Yourself!
Pricing Bootcamp is for all of you freelance and small business owners in the web niche trying to sort things out. This series focuses on the basics of philosophy and method behind effective pricing. Posts will be added to the list below as they are launched.

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The Articles

  1. Pricing Like You’re Worth It
  2. Watch Your Language: Clients and Pricing
  3. Charging Project Pricing Versus Hourly Rates
  4. The Magic of Tiered Pricing
  5. How Having Project Boundaries Increases Your Value

The Challenge

We’ve launched a challenge for all of those who have read through the series. Quote this project (anonymously) and get a chance at winning Billings 3 time tracking software. This contest is now closed.

The Results

See how fellow web designers chose to quote our mock project in the wrap up post for our mock project.