Here it is, all the Supersized documentation you're so eagerly waiting to read. Enjoy.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

I get these questions a lot, so here's this helpful page. First off, make sure you are running the newest version. Before sending me an email, please check the blog post's comments section, as well as the section below, to make sure it hasn't already been covered.

Supersized isn't loading on IE7/8.

Remove the comma after the last slide in the your slides array. If this doesn't work, make sure you're running a version of jQuery later than 1.5.0 and your page has a DOCTYPE.

slides : [
	{image : 'image1.jpg'},
	{image : 'image2.jpg'},
	{image : 'image3.jpg'}, // Get rid of this

Ideal file size or dimensions for images?

I always strive for <200kb or a maximum height/width of 1200px, but you can play around with it based on how many images you have loading. If you are using hundreds of 2mb images, knock it off. Yes, this has happened.

Does Supersized have to be fullscreen?

Nope! You can define the dimensions by adjusting the #supersized styles in the CSS file. You will want to make all instances of position:fixed -> position:absolute.

Can I load different sets of slides without reloading the page?

This is a feature I am looking to develop out in the future. If you're hurting for it in the meantime, you can hire me for custom work.

Can I load images from a folder rather than specifying them individually?

This is possible with a little PHP. Check out this post on the jQuery forums for more.