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Design in Motion – Kinetic Typography Music Videos

Introduction and showcase of music videos done entirely with motion typography.

17 Action Packed Single Page Sites

Here’s a round up of one page designs that say it all with style.

Color Scheme Inspiration – Good Morning!

The top selection of “Good Morning!” color schemes submitted in our recent contest.

Color Scheme Inspiration – Underwater Scenes

Ready the scuba gear and snorkel! We’re taking a dive for this round of color scheme inspiration from under the waves.

Color Scheme Inspiration – Vintage Horror Movie Posters

It came from the color palette! Lame movie references aside, here are some color schemes for all the vintage movie buffs in need of inspiration and better acting.

Grab a bowl of popcorn, lower your expectations and take a look at these vintage horror schemes.

Color Scheme Inspiration – Breakfast Cereal

Good morning designers! Looking for a little bit of color in your life? This round of color inspiration is especially for all the A.M. folks out there.

So wake up, and start the day off right with some well rounded color schemes from the breakfast bowl.

Color Scheme Inspiration – Birds

Having trouble finding a good color scheme? Color scheme inspirations will aim to fix that! Each post, we’ll pick out a topic and build color schemes out of it to inspire.

In honor of winter migration, this round of color schemes come from our airborne friends.

(Thumbnail by essjay via Flickr)

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